16December 2022

How to Use Your Hands and Voice When Speaking in Public

How to Uses Your Hands and Voice When Speaking in Public

Your hands and your voice work together. Your hands and your voice work together. Your hands and your voice work together.

You can't do one without the other. Sometimes if I'm being very, very cruel, which happily I don't need to be today, I will play one of these back with the volume turned off, and I'll get this...

And then I say how interesting do you think that voice was and you say it can't be, there's nothing happening.

So this is why I'm so keen on you not to have notes, particularly at the beginning of the day, or clickers or things in your hands.

Because if you want to kill your voice completely, the best thing you can do, lock your eyes, lock your hands and then within a few minutes, your voice is going to start matching your body and then you've got this monotone coming again.

So make sure that connection is there all the time. So if you're worried about your voice, check what your body's doing.

You've gone like this, you've gone like this, and now the voice is gone.

So sometimes almost arbitrarily, I will just do something in the middle of it if I think my voice is going to send me, physically just to get the thing up and going again.

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Michael's superb training style is underpinned by an incredible depth of knowledge and experience. Like all true experts, he delivers what he knows with ease and simplicity, exampling the skills he is teaching as he does so.

Very informative and great anecdotes which illustrated points and provided visual markers.

The most interesting training that I have ever taken part in! Experience + Wisdom + Perfect teaching approach.

The training was spot on. He really listened to us and customised his responses throughout.

Loved the creation of visual examples through the use of body and how relating the experience really helps demonstrate the message.

Very approachable and motivational. So much information, brilliantly delivered.

Loads of great analogies and stories - very friendly and helpful.

Very approachable and knowledgeable and good use of examples to simplify the material.

In just one day Michael was able to teach a class of children how to craft their own personal stories and experiences into powerful and engaging speeches that resonate with an adult audience as well as with a younger audience. It is a marvellous way to help them increase self-confidence and in the process - almost without them even realising it - become natural speakers and excellent communicators.

Michael has a style of speaking which draws the audience into his world, captivates them and leaves them with lasting memories of some of the descriptive phrases he has used and the information he has included. He also has the ability to pass the skills he uses in his own speaking on to those he trains.

Very good rapport, attention to detail, individual support, positive atmosphere and encouragement - a great place for learning.

• Very great example; how to express yourself, how to be engaging and how to match body language with what is said.