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Keynote and Top-level presentations on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

A structured entertaining presentation delivered from your conference or seminar stage highlighting all the key presentation skills, the common speaking pitfalls, and laying bare the secrets to preparing a successful presentation so that all the work you have done to identify your organisation's key messages and business goals can be taken away and delivered by your tem with power and conviction
Ideal for any business or company that relies on excellent communication, whether in-house with colleagues or outside with clients.

Who is this for?

If you wish to:

  • enrich a conference or seminar programme with relevant and engaging content that brings to life the essential keys to all forms of communication
  • enliven corporate communication with tips and practical demonstrations from a multi-time
    National Public Speaking Champion
  • round up the themes and content of a full conference or seminar programme by focusing on how to take those key messages and deliver them dynamically

    "Michael delivered a one-hour session for 40 of us on public speaking and presentation skills.
    By the time Michael presented it was the end of a long day of trainings and presentations and the team were tired, however the moment Michael started speaking he had the group engaged, laughing and learning a lot.
    Michael packed a huge amount of memorable tips into a short space of time.
    Many of the team mentioned what a useful and fun session it was,
    and have asked for Michael to carry out further training with us.
    I will certainly be recommending ATAPS to my peers in other companies". 
                                                                                                                (Annie Charman - Integralads IAS)

What will we learn?

Key delivery, content and structure skills will be explained and expertly demonstrated
using examples, analogies and imagery that will bring each learning point to life and make the learning for the group both enjoyable and memorable.
Themes will include:

- build a presentation around a simple universal speech structure
- a strong, effective and appropriate delivery style
- use the voice as a tool to embed key words and key concepts
- demonstrate the No 1 rule of rapport
- overcome speaking nerves
- perform a 3 step routine to gain control before speaking
- prepare for the first moments of a presentation (planned spontaneity)
- choose a suitable opening to a presentation
- apply the metaphor of ‘landing the plane’ for the end the presentation
- assess whether the audience is more motivated by achievement or avoidance
- structure each presentation around the benefits for the audience
- apply essential story telling techniques
- use pictures and metaphors to simplify abstract concepts
- lead the audience from where they are (wrong choice) to where they could be (right choice)
- sum up the message of a presentation in a ‘nutshell statement’
- deliver a full presentation without needing to refer to notes

How this course will benefit me?

The content will be tailored and adapted for you from our training portfolio to create a programme that is specifically built around your needs.
However a few fundamentals will sit at the core of every training programme that we offer.

Presentation style:
(i) improving delivery skills: including, vocal variety, voice projection, pace and power; hands and voice; stance and movement; gestures and emphasis; eye-contact and engagement; choosing the best presentation medium: online, recorded, press briefing, Question and Answer
(ii) working within a flexible structure: including, aims and objectives, openings, endings, rule of 3, rhetorical forms and patterns, lists, schemes of arrangement, memory aids; use or non-use of notes or other presentation support
(iii) choosing powerful content: including, the types of stories, metaphors, analogies we can use; lists; rhetorical devices; rhythm and repetition; style and attitude, empathy and humility, etc…

With a continuous focus on presentation confidence, suitable content, relevant structure format

And fundamental communication principles which address, clarity, relatability and interaction


"We all had an amazing couple of days and got so much out of the training. We have already started re-thinking our presentation style for our training courses! Absolutely excellent course!"

Nicola Bellamy – Holchem

"Flexibility of course to suit our needs was great."

Amanda Kelly – SAI Global

"The train the trainer course that Michael delivered was exactly what we needed. He managed to tailor the content to meet our specific requirements whilst also providing us with a thorough understanding of the key principles that we need to deliver a fantastic training course. Highly recommended."

Thomas Hill – BioRegional

"Thanks very much for helping me and my team with this. It’s already making a big difference to how we’re thinking about our training here. "

Christian Graham – Friends of the Earth

"Very flexible to our needs. Fantastic!"

Stephanie Plant – National Theatre

"It was impressive to note on revisiting an old powerpoint how much I would change as a result of the learning on this course. Until this point I didn’t realise how much I’d picked up and internalised"

Rachael Coker – European Skills Account

"Liked being trained in a small group – got more ‘personal’ attention and felt ‘secure’ in showing my weaknesses."

Niku Mawby – Campbell Tickell

"I would encourage people to attend this course even if they only do a small amount of training – the skills it develops can be used more broadly."

Rachel Hardaker – Detica

"Highly effective – friendly, professional approach with time given to everyone to speak and contribute"

Sue Martin – Corby Learning Partnership

"The training experience was excellent, Michael adapted the course to suit the specific requirements of our team and was sensitive to our needs.He provided training that was flexible enough to enable us to cover topics that were specific to our area. "

Michelle Stubley – University of Nottingham

"Excellent, knowledgeable, able to adapt very flexibly to delegates needs. Superb."

Jessica Damms - Foreign and Commonwealth Office

"We were so impressed by Michael’s style and course content, that we asked him to come and do group training for us at our offices. I've never had such a positive response from everyone attending a training course. Every person who went for those training days have since told me it was the best training course they've ever been on. "

James Pirot – Government Digital Service

Your tutor - Michael Ronayne

4x UK National Public Speaking champion

Apart from 20 years of coaching and supporting other speakers & trainers, Michael has developed and delivered certified Training the Trainer courses for over 15 years. He can demonstrate it; he can see what needs to be done and he can teach it.

More about our tutors
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Michael's superb training style is underpinned by an incredible depth of knowledge and experience. Like all true experts, he delivers what he knows with ease and simplicity, exampling the skills he is teaching as he does so.

Very informative and great anecdotes which illustrated points and provided visual markers.

The most interesting training that I have ever taken part in! Experience + Wisdom + Perfect teaching approach.

The training was spot on. He really listened to us and customised his responses throughout.

Loved the creation of visual examples through the use of body and how relating the experience really helps demonstrate the message.

Very approachable and motivational. So much information, brilliantly delivered.

Loads of great analogies and stories - very friendly and helpful.

Very approachable and knowledgeable and good use of examples to simplify the material.

In just one day Michael was able to teach a class of children how to craft their own personal stories and experiences into powerful and engaging speeches that resonate with an adult audience as well as with a younger audience. It is a marvellous way to help them increase self-confidence and in the process - almost without them even realising it - become natural speakers and excellent communicators.

Michael has a style of speaking which draws the audience into his world, captivates them and leaves them with lasting memories of some of the descriptive phrases he has used and the information he has included. He also has the ability to pass the skills he uses in his own speaking on to those he trains.

Very good rapport, attention to detail, individual support, positive atmosphere and encouragement - a great place for learning.

• Very great example; how to express yourself, how to be engaging and how to match body language with what is said.


Customised course details

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